Handle Fitting

Fitting a Plastic Powakaddy Handle



Tools Required


Flat Head Screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver


No 13 Spanner


To Change Handle


  • Remove old plastic Handle by unscrewing 5 screws – discard these
  • Remove end cap from Rolling switch - KEEP
  • With Plyers or small spanner remove small nut and washer and slide off the brass cover – KEEP
  • Remove fixing nut with no 13 spanner and slide out the rolling switch – KEEP
  • Remove the wires from the spade connectors on the on/off (rocker) switch (If you have one)
  • Remove the rocker switch from the handle by pushing up gentle and refit into the new handle.
  • Refit the rolling switch into the new handle – using the largest washer on the inside and the slim washer and the nut on the outside. – Tighten up but do not over tighten.


Prise off star washer cover with small screw driver

Prise off Star washer with small screw driver

Remove blind rivet and slide handle clasp off

Replace with new version

Use a small socket to hammer home the star washer until tight – you will need a block on the other side of the blind rivet to stop it pushing out while fixing (extra set of hands required)

  • Re-fix the spade connectors to the underside of the rocker switch
  • Carefully pack the wires into the box part and close together ensuring you do not trap the wiring.
  • Refit the screws with the new ones provided – starting at the end of the handle furthest away from the frame of the cart – the last 2 screws you will have to squeeze together to get them to bite.
  • Once you are all refitted – re attach the rolling switch knob by ensuring it is in the off position – put the brass sleeve back on then the plastic body and the nut – tighten up ensuring that the white on / off line is at the top and refit the end cap.
  • If you do not have an on off switch fit the plastic adhesive cover over the switch hole


You should now be ready to go


Any problems – just call 01908 378623 and we will walk you through it.