Fitting a Switch



Replacing a Switch (Potentiometer)

Equipment Needed: 7 & 13mm Spanner, Cross and/or flat headed screw driver depending on the age of your machine and long nose pliers if needed.

1. Undo all the screws on the top of the handle, depending on the age of your machine there will either be four or five screws.  Separate the top and bottom halves.

2. The two spade connectors that are connected to the on/off switch will need to be pulled off.  This can be done with your hands or if tight use a pair of long nose pliers.  

3. The black knob on the side of the handle needs to be removed,remove the yellow cap first. This is quite simple and a flat headed screwdriver can be used to ease it off, be careful not to slip.

4. With the 7 mm spanner undo the brass nut that you have now revealed.  This only needs to be done undone slightly so that the knob slides off.

5. You will then see another nut, with the 13 mm spanner remove this and the barbed washer, retain these for use later.

6. Coming up through the handle tube will be a handle wire, depending whether  you have a Freeway or Legend will depend on the amount of wires that you have.  You will need to undo the connector so that the red and blue wires are released (Freeway/Highway), or brown, blue and green (Legend).

7. The Pot will now be able to be removed fully from the handle.

8. The new Pot is ready to fit.  

9. In order to fit the Pot you will need to put the largest barbed washer on first, then fit the Pot through the hole in the handle.  The smaller barbed washer then goes on followed by the nut.  Tighten the nut with the spanner but do not over tighten the nut, as soon as you feel a resistance it is the perfect time to stop tightening.

10. Turn the shaft of the pot towards you (anticlockwise) put the black knob onto the shaft of the Pot, please make sure that the white line on the knob is facing up.  Tighten the brass nut inside the knob this should be tight enough so that it turns the Pot and but will not turn on the shaft of the Pot.

11. Replace the yellow cap

12. Connect the spade terminals to the on/off switch.  It does not matter which way round.

13. The red and blue handle wires need to be connected to the Pot if you have a Freeway/Highway it does not matter which way they go in.   If you have a Legend the blue lead is on its own and the brown/green together, older classic trolleys have a connector block ensure that you match brown to brown or red, blue to blue and green to green.   Once you have inserted the wire please tighten,ensure that the wires are tight, to do this just tug on the wire.  If any wiring comes out of the connector then you have not done it tight enough.

14. Tuck all the wires into the inner handle, carefully to ensure that you do not crimp any of the wires in the plastic handle.  

15. This is the final bit, put all the screws back in to the top of the handle and do the handle up ensuring that you do not catch any of the wire