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Powakaddy Spares

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Robokaddy Remote Belt Clip

Product no.: 1002393

Belt Clip for your Robokaddy Remote Control

£5.00 *

Split Pin / Roll Pin

Product no.: 1002587

Replacement Split Pin for securing clutches and gearbox to axle

£0.50 *
In stock

PK3059R Rocker Switch

Product no.: 1001586

Rocker Switch for Powakaddy Trolleys

£4.25 *
In stock

Split Pins for Robokaddy

Product no.: 1002587[1]

Replacement Split Pins for securing clutches and gearbox to axle

£0.50 *
In stock

Plastic Screw for Powakaddy Deluxe Umbrella Holder

Product no.: Fixing2

Replacement Screw for Powakaddy Deluxe Umbrella Holder


To secure umbrella in to holster unit

PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT the screw to adjust rake of umbrella holder 

£1.99 *

Powakaddy Clutches - Black

Replacement Clutch for the Powakaddy Freeway Trolley

£12.99 *
awaiting new stock

Starlock washer 3/16"

Product no.: 1001588

Star Washer Fixings

£0.36 *
In stock

PK3060 Plastic Switch Cover

Product no.: 1001587

Plastic Switch Cover for Rocker Switch

£0.60 *
In stock

PK998/999 Fixed Clutch Wheel

Fixed Clutch Wheel for the earlier version of the standard freeway
£35.00 *
awaiting new stock

Powakaddy or Hill Billy Battery Retaining Strap

Product no.: ETP PK6665

Powakaddy or Hill BIlly Battery Retaining Straps  strap length 91 cm total 

£4.10 *
awaiting new stock

Twinline Pull Cart LOWER CLICK Strap 2010 onwards

Product no.: ETP PK5711

Designed for the Twinline Push Carts Lower Bag Support Strap (Base) Click Close Bag Strap 

You will need to reuse the screws and nut from your old strap 

£4.00 *

Powakaddy Velcro Elastic for Lower Bag supports all Powakaddy

Product no.: FW2 1002182

Elastic with finger hook for Front Wheel Assembly
Designed for Freeway II with larger Hooks

£2.99 *
In stock

Classic Legend Front Wheel Tube

Powakaddy Classic Legend Front Wheel Tube
£12.77 *
awaiting new stock

R Clip for Fixed Clutch Wheels

Product no.: 1009834

R Clip for Fixed Clutch Wheels

£1.00 *
In stock

NEW Click Style Straps for Upper Bag Support

Product no.: PKP PK3851

Designed for the Deluxe Bag Support to replace the Velcro Close Bag Strap

Fitted with a male / female click style buckle

£4.95 *

Elbow Lable - Freeway

Product no.: LAB1[2]

Elbow Lable for Standard Powakaddy Freeway

£1.60 *

Sport / FW3 / FW5 / FW7 / Freeway II Front Wheel Only

Replacement Front Wheel Only For Freeway II only - comes with new upgraded bearings and new axle sheath 

£24.99 *
In stock

Digital Encoder Assembley

Product no.: 1003002

Digital Switch for Freeway Sports Digital Cart Not Suitable for the verion with Brake

£38.30 *
awaiting new stock

Powakaddy EDF Flush Button

Product no.: E106

Flush Fitting EDF Push Button For Sports EDF Version

£15.00 *
In stock

Powakaddy EDF Flush Button (RED)

Product no.: E106BRAKE

Flush Fitting EBS Push Button For Sports EBS Version Red Button for Brake Function Requires Simple Solder to fit

£10.20 *
awaiting new stock

Powakaddy Freeway DIGITAL Handle Wire - Upper

Product no.: E108 Digital

Freeway Handle Wire - Upper Section For Sports Digital Version PK3114A

£8.99 *
In stock

PK3351 - Fixing Kit for Deluxe Upper Bag Support

Product no.: Fixing1

Grommet & Bolt Kit for fixing New Upper Style Bag Support

£2.25 *

Hub Cap & Release Clip for New Sports Wheel

Hub Cap and Release Pip for the new Style Sports Wheel

£2.70 *
In stock

Classic Handle Tube Kit

Powakaddy Classic Legend Handle Tube Kit

£19.17 *
awaiting new stock

Highway Controller

Product no.: PKP PK3146

£65.00 *
awaiting new stock

Air Wheel Suitable for Powakaddy Trolleys

Product no.: 1001848

Single Air wheel Suitable for Robokaddy & Brake Version Sports Cart

Generic Part 

£42.00 *
awaiting new stock

Switch Suitable for Freeway Standard

Product no.: ETPPK3062

Replacement Switch for Powakaddy Freeway / Highway / Classic Legend 

This item has been discontinued by Powakakaddy so this is a generic replacement item 

£18.90 *
awaiting new stock

Freeway Motor

Product no.: 1002575

Standard motor for Freeway Trolley

£69.99 *
In stock

3mm (1/8th") Parrallel Pin Punch

Product no.: tool1

For fitting Clutches and Gearboxes on Powakaddy & Hill Billy Trolleys

3mm or 1/8th" Parallel Pin Punch 



£7.95 *
In stock

Mini Front Wheel Assembly

Product no.: 1001294

Replacement Front Wheel & Bearing Kit

£22.95 *
awaiting new stock

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