Hill Billy Compact Plus (Old Style)

Hill Billy Compact Plus (Old Style)


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Product no.: AKIT30

Replacement Controller for the Hill Billy Compact Plus Cart - Generic Part as nolonger supplied by Hill Billy 

£39.99 *

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Product no.: PKP 1001151

Replacement Torberry Leads for Batteries - Suitable for Hill Billy & Motocaddy type connections

£6.50 *

In stock

Product no.: ETP AKIT41

Replacement Upper or Lower Bag Support for Hill Billy original Trolleys

£21.06 *
Product no.: ETP UKKIT30

Replacement Battery Tray for the original Hill Billy Trolley ( with the square frame)

£26.00 *

In stock

Sports Wheel Hub Cap & Release Pip for Winter or Wide  wheel. PK3430 B/W , PK3431


£3.25 *

Out of stock - may be slight delay for dispatch

Product no.: ETPGSP1000845

Replacement Switch

Suitable for Hill Billy Compact+ trolley

This is a generic part for a discontinued item

£16.00 *

In stock

Product no.: PKPORGHB

Front Wheel Bearing for Original Hill Billy Front Wheels ( twin wheel on skid plate )

These are metal bearings and stronger and more durable than the originals.



£2.85 *
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In stock

Product no.: SB6002

Front Wheel Bearing for Motocaddy S1/ S3 Front Wheels 

£2.75 *
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Out of stock - may be slight delay for dispatch


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